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Claim Support and Medical bill review 

"An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure" couldn't be more true. Don't wait until you are sick to realize the importance of your wellness.  We will support you in a healthy life-style, organization of your medical information, and health crisis preparation.

Don’t know where to turn?  Learn more about your health situation and your options. Obtain information and determine the best choices for your past, current, or future care and services. We provide unbiased knowledge giving you the power to make informed decisions.

Don't be an accidental victim of poorly coordinated care. Medical errors, treatment delays, and sub-par services create countless health problems causing needless anguish. Many never even know they were maltreated.  As your knowledgeable liaison, we can reduce these risks. 

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Complexities of Healthcare Resolved

We guide you through the healthcare maze

Make the most of your healthcare visit. When you are sick or troubled, important information may not be conveyed, understood, or remembered, having a negative effect on your treatment, care, or recovery. We learn your needs, organize your questions, and document your visit for you.


Suffering because needed treatment was denied? Overwhelmed by numerous and large medical bills? We can organize and obtain needed information. We complete disputes, appeals, and negotiations on your behalf. Get the treatment you need and only pay what you owe. 

The complexity of healthcare today often causes needed treatment to be delayed or denied. The complexities often inhibit communication which frequently leads to medical errors and billing errors. Biased providers are disconnected and more concerned with their business needs than your individual needs. Healthcare systems often overcharge and hope you overpay. A knowledgeable healthcare advocate will improve your medical outcomes and save you a countless amount of time, money, and frustration.  Advocates For Patient Health LLC provides affordable help centered around you with only your best interest in mind. We are highly experienced with backgrounds in Nursing, Insurance Claims and Billing, Medical Management, Medical Research, and Fraud Investigation.  We have an in-depth understanding of the complexities in the healthcare system and the ability to navigate successfully within it for you. 

Coordination of Care 


An article titled,  "Johns Hopkins study suggests medical errors are third-leading cause of death in U.S.", by Vanessa McMains 5-3-2016 of the Hub, a Johns Hopkins magazine, states, "The researchers caution that most medical errors aren't due to inherently bad doctors, and that reporting these errors shouldn't be addressed by punishment or legal action. Rather, they say, most errors represent systemic problems, including poorly coordinated care, fragmented insurance networks, the absence or underuse of safety nets, and other protocols, in addition to unwarranted variation in physician practice patterns that lack accountability." It makes sense these systemic problems cause an even greater number of unnecessary health problems costing patients an untold amount of time, money, frustration and suffering. Invest in your health and let Advocates For Patient Health LLC help you minimize these risks.

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