​​When we are sick we don't remember information as well as we usually do. We help you to communicate with your doctor and engage in your health care decisions. We reinforce information from your doctor, and clarify information that may have been misunderstood. We provide another set of eyes and ears. We help to ensure you are fully informed and adequately equipped to make health care decisions that best fit your unique needs and circumstances.  

​​​​​​​Shorter office visits may cause valuable information to be missed and may even increase the potential for you to receive the wrong diagnosis. We facilitate effective communication to reduce your risk of a misdiagnosis. With over 50 years of nursing experience we know how to make the most of a busy doctor's time. We help organize your health history so you can accurately and concisely convey critical information to your doctor. 

​​Informed decision-making 

One of the most important things you can do during a doctor's appointment is to ask questions. Due to the stress and anxiety that you may feel at the doctor's office, it is often difficult to remember all the questions you had leading up to the appointment. We help to identify and prepare questions for your doctor to ensure that your most important health concerns are addressed. Our goal is to help improve the quality, safety, and effectiveness of your care.

Start making the most of your doctor visits.

We help:

  • Eliminate confusion.
  • Organize your health history. 
  • Convey key information to your doctor.
  • Identify and prepare questions for your doctor.
  • Facilitate communication between you and your doctor. 
  • You  to understand more about your diagnosis, treatment, and medications.​
  • Assist with scheduling follow up appointments and make phone calls on your behalf. 
  • Review issues discussed in conjunction with a report for reference of appointment detail.


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        "Our Experience is Your Advantage"  

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"Our Experience is Your Advantage"

​​​​Facilitate Communication

​Doctor visits can be scary, overwhelming, and intimidating. Older or anxious patients might hesitate to ask questions. Some patients may find it difficult to recall everything they wanted to discuss or bring up to their doctor. 


Lessen anxiety

We understand how difficult it can be caring for an aging parent. It can be especially difficult if you don't live close by or live in another state. We can accompany you or your loved one to medical appointments. We help to assure quality of care as well as patient satisfaction.

Your health depends on good communication. Asking questions and providing information to your doctor can help improve the safety and quality of your care. Being prepared for a doctor's appointment will help ensure a more productive office visit and increase the potential for a more effective outcome. 

Independent Healthcare Consultants

With over 50 years of nursing experience working with doctors and specialists, 

"Our Experience is Your Advantage".

We can help to ensure you maximize the time spent with your doctor and get the most out of your visit.