Appeal adverse insurance determination

​​We will:

  • ​Review medical bills and resolve errors 
  • Challenge erroneous, fraudulent, and abusive billing practices​
  • Address health insurance denials for treatment or service
  • File appeals and disputes on claim denials
  • Resolve insurance payment issues
  • Act as a liaison with the insurance company, provider, facility
  • Educate on network vs out-of-network benefits, covered, and non covered services
  • Negotiate charges on claims that may be out-of-network
  • Maximize insurance benefits and minimize out-of-pocket expenses 
  • Help with pre-authorization process of medical treatment or service 
  • Negotiate costs prior to receiving treatment when you choose to utilize an out-of-network doctor, specialist, or facility.​​
  • Negotiate healthcare costs and medical bills for uninsured individuals 

After receiving care from your doctor or hospital, the onslaught of medical bills will soon follow. Keeping track of all the paperwork related to health insurance claims can be confusing, especially if you have a serious or chronic health issue. Patients with health-related issues shouldn't be bogged down tracking paperwork, and other bureaucracy. We'll track and monitor your claim to simplify the complexities associated to managing your claim while you focus on getting better. We help to ensure that you are receiving the highest level of insurance benefits. 

Monitor claim and track medical bills

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Independent Healthcare Consultants

We help you save time, keep more of your money, and eliminate frustration. 

Appealing claim denials is frustrating and time consuming. Denied insurance claims, even for care that was determined to be medically necessary are, unfortunately, all too common. Few things are scarier than racking up medical bills and then learning that your insurance company won't pay. Wading through the claim process and filing appeals can be daunting, especially when you're trying to focus on your health. We'll negotiate, file appeals, and dispute adverse claim decisions. We make sure your benefits are maximized and out-of-pocket expenses are minimized. 

Medical bills costing more than you thought?  Looking for help?

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Medical bills are financially and emotionally taxing. Even if you have health insurance, a brief stay in a hospital can leave you with large and burdensome bills. If you have been diagnosed with a chronic or serious health condition medical bills can pile up quickly. When doctors recommend procedures that insurance companies don't cover, patients can find themselves trapped in an expensive, time-consuming ordeal that leaves them wondering who, if anyone, has their best interests in mind. ​​ 

Medical bills are overwhelming and confusing. Insurance claim denials are frustratingly complex.   

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​Uncovering mistakes in medical bills

Medical Bill Review & Claim Support

 Our years of experience in medical bill review and handling insurance claims is  your advantage. 

​​​How we can help you.

An estimated 80% of medical bills contain errors. Medical bills use unfamiliar language and codes making most errors difficult to spot. Many billing errors slip by unnoticed causing you to pay more than you should. Healthcare is already a strain on the budget, don't let erroneous billing charges drain your money even further. We will scrutinize every detail of your medical bill for errors, overcharges, and inconsistencies to make certain that you are not billed for treatment or services you didn't receive. We help you avoid unwelcome surprises and ensure you pay only what you should.  

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