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Don’t know where to turn?  Learn more about your health situation and your options. Obtain information and determine the best choices for your past, current, or future care and services. We provide unbiased knowledge giving you the power to make informed decisions.

Suffering because needed treatment was denied? Overwhelmed by numerous and large medical bills? We can organize and obtain needed information. We complete disputes, appeals, and negotiations on your behalf. Get the treatment you need and only pay what you owe. 


For you and those you care about

Complexities of Healthcare Resolved

We guide you through the healthcare maze

Claim Support and Medical bill review 

Coordination of Care 


Make the most of your healthcare visit. When you are sick or troubled, important information may not be conveyed, understood, or remembered having a negative effect on your treatment, care, or recovery. We learn your needs, organize your questions, and document your visit for you.

Don't be an accidental victim of poorly coordinated care. Medical errors, treatment delays, and sub-par services create countless health problems causing needless anguish. Many never even know they were maltreated.  As your knowledgeable liaison, we can reduce these risks. 


Affordable Independent Healthcare Consultants

 Hired by you - Committed to you

Independent Healthcare Consultants

"An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure" couldn't be more true. Don't wait until you are sick to realize the importance of your wellness.  We will support you in a healthy life-style, organization of your medical information, and health crisis preparation.