Analysis and summary of your past, present, or future treatment options. Finding out that you or a loved one has a serious illness or chronic medical condition can be overwhelming. You may have questions about your condition and want more information regarding side-effects, risks, and benefits, or if there are alternative treatment options available. We'll help you to explore and investigate options that may be available to you with only your best interest in mind.

​Comfort of knowing

Investigation, learn all you can

We can provide hospital bedside monitoring to assess the physical environment in the facility where care is being received. We will conduct  a comprehensive and thorough assessment to ensure that the care you or your loved one is receiving is safe, efficient, and meets standards-of-care. We also perform chart and medical record reviews. We'll summarize the course of treatment to date, timeline of events, uncover facts, and identify if there are deviations from standards-of-care.

Our focus is to ensure you are fully informed to make health-related decisions that are reflective of your values, unique circumstance, and are in your best interest.

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"Our Experience is Your Advantage"

Monitoring, a real-time review

The adage, “Knowledge is power and the more you know the better off you are” is true regarding your health. Knowledge allows you to thoughtfully attack each problem so you can achieve the highest level of care with the best possible outcomes at the least possible expense for your unique circumstances. Today’s healthcare environment is fast-paced, expensive, and provider-incentivized. Our experience is your advantage in obtaining the information you need to make informed decisions.

When you receive information, are your interest first? The surgeon wants to do surgery, the medical doctor wants to treat you medically, the chiropractor wants to perform manipulation, the nursing home says you are receiving the best care, the rehabilitation center says there are no other options and so on. Is the information you are receiving accurate, in your best interest, and does it take into consideration your preferences? We provide unbiased information so you can choose what is best for you.

​​Knowledge is power

Research, Investigation, and Monitoring

Never decide a course of action without knowing your options. It is normal that healthcare practitioner’s present their treatment choices from the vantage point of their specialty. You need knowledgeable unbiased research that allows various points of view and understands your preferences. The best choices you make are informed choices.

When doctors give you difficult news about a diagnosis, you may hear what they say, but it can be hard to understand. You may be asked to make decisions about your care or to weigh treatment options without being fully informed. We'll provide you with the most accurate and up-to-date information available so you can confidently make informed decisions about you or a loved one's health-related care.

We help to ensure you or your loved one have the knowledge and understanding needed to make informed healthcare decisions. Our mission is to make certain your best interests are served. We utilize our knowledge and experience to provide you with insightful and useful information regarding your health-related decisions and that you or your loved one receives care that is safely delivered, effective, and efficient. You gain the peace of mind you deserve.

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  "Our Experience is Your Advantage"  

Independent Healthcare Consultants

Is the daily environment safe and adhering to standards? Bedsores, infections, falls, feeding, toileting, and respect are just a few of the important day to day considerations. We have the experience and knowledge to know what to look for, helping to maximize a safe environment. We provide you with information to facilitate change where needed. ​

​​Patient centered information

  • ​​​Reliable, trustworthy, experienced.
  • We help to ensure safe, effective, and efficient care.
  • We provide unbiased information you can count on.​​


Understand options  

​​​​​​Advocates For Patient Health, LLC will utilize its diverse knowledge and experience to provide relevant information to meet your needs. Self-interest influences the complexity of healthcare. In today's medical world, the lines have blurred between the practitioner's clinical decision making and their business decisions to earn a profit. We are committed to you receiving accurate, unbiased information, allowing you to make decisions reflective of your personal values, preferences, and goals. 

Concerned you are missing something? Something doesn’t seem right.  We can review the written documentation, speak with care givers, and evaluate the physical environment to determine if the standards-of-care are being met. We provide the peace of mind of knowing that you or a loved one is being treated with the care and respect they deserve. 

  Advocates For Patient Health, LLC 

"Our Experience is Your Advantage"